Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Classifying my music

Last year I have been working on publishing my music on sites like ReverbNation, MySpace, TheSixtyOne and CherryPeel. I encountered the most problems when I had to classify my music: is it alternative, jazz, electronica, ska, latin or what? Well, I have listened to a great bunch of musicians from The Stone Age up till now and I'm still not sure which musical style my songs belong to... If I wasn't asked every time to classify the songs I upload, I wouldn't bother. But on many sites I just have to choose a musical style to tag my creations. So some thoughts about them...

They have that sweet upbeat, melodic ska feeling that Rico Rodriguez and Vin Gordon have. But still, the melodies tend to be Eastern European, which is not a big surprise, me being Hungarian. However, I cannot call my music "ska", because that is played by a band, not by a computer. So from the instrumentation point of view, these songs are electronic (electronica) songs. So is it electronic ska, some sort of dub, instrumental dubstep like Skream? Well, my songs are more like music for listening, not for dancing. Some songs of Plaid, RJD2 and Lemon Jelly might sound like my songs, too. So, is it nu jazz ska, or something like that?

Some ideas:
  • nu latin ska jazz
  • electronic latin ska jazz
  • ...
Comments are welcome.

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